Richmond Holiday Centre - Accessibility Statement


The Richmond Holiday Centre is a 50 acre site located on the south western outskirts of the seaside town of Skegness in Lincolnshire. The area is generally flat and level with good access to the town centre and beaches as well as the Gibraltar Point nature reserve. The site itself is also flat and level and all buildings are accessed at ground level. We strive to ensure that all visitors can enjoy the accommodation, facilities and surroundings within the park. Our aim is to help in any way that we can and if you require any assistance during your stay or whilst planning your visit we will be delighted to assist. Our current facilities and services offered are:



We cater for privately owned static caravan holiday homes, rented caravan holiday homes, touring caravans (Including Motor-homes and Trailer Tents, unfortunately ridge tents are not allowed as they are not included in our Site Licence) as well as Fitness Suite Memberships, evening entertainment and functions.

You can view our details via our website at or you can arrange for a printed copy of our brochure and price lists. Should you have any special requirements, please let us know how we can assist by telephone or if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the method we present our information to suit your personal needs then please let us know and we will endeavour to improve our service to you.

Currently contact can be made by; telephone, email or various Social Media sites.

The site is within 10 minutes walk of the town centre and 15 minutes walk of the beaches. This can be achieved in a few minutes by car.

The Railway Station is situated within half a mile of the site as is the Coach Station. There are taxi ranks located adjacent to and across the road from the Railway Station.

There is a ‘Call Connect’ bus service operating from a bus stop approximately 100m from the entrance to the park which goes to the town centre and beaches. You need to telephone to arrange this service: 0345 234 3344 or arrange on-line: or via Twitter: @callconnectbus. Other buses to nearby towns are available from the Coach Station.

Taxis are usually available within a short period of time and we do have details at Reception of those taxis with disability access if required.

There is a shop provided on the park, however there is also a 24 hour Tesco supermarket located a short distance from the park who also operate a delivery service. Other nearby supermarkets include; Lidl, Morrisons and Iceland.

Skegness has more than one mobility company and details are available from Reception. These companies can usually arrange delivery if required.

There is a RADAR toilet located on the park, keys for this facility can be purchased or loaned from Reception (Subject to a deposit).     

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

All new arrivals need to report to Reception. Reception has a large tarmac car park to one side and a wide road available to park directly in front of Reception. The pavement in front of the Reception block has a dropped kerb to allow easy access by wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Those guests who require it can be dropped off by a vehicle immediately in front of Reception which is a few meters from the road. The pavement is a level block paved surface.

The entrance to the park has a speed bump on the road, this can be bypassed via a footpath for pedestrians.

There is plenty of room for those that require rear access to a vehicle, either roadside or in the car park, once parked.

For late arrivals there is a call button to summon a Warden who is available to assist with the arrival procedure or any other matters.

If required we can assist with luggage from Reception to accommodation.

There is a covered walkway along the front of the Reception block with bench seating available. The area is well lit with street lighting and Reception is lit so that information and signage in the windows can be viewed.

We have a left luggage facility for those who arrive early or have to wait for transport on departure.

Main Entrance & Reception

The Reception block has two doorways, both doorways are 90cm wide and are side hung. The entrance is flat and level as is the area within Reception which is approximately 17m square.

Reception has a counter 1m high but there is a clear area for low level contact if required. There is seating available in Reception.

If required a pad and pen can be made available to visitors.

There is a check-in procedure, if required written information can be completed by Reception staff.

Additional keys to accommodation are usually available on request.

A map is provided to visitors with directions to their caravan accommodation marked and highlighted on the map, directions are also provided verbally by staff. If required a guide to the accommodation can be provided.

Reception is generally open from 9am to 5pm, during the main summer holidays this is extended from 8am to 6pm. Outside of office hours a Warden is contactable via a ‘call button’ located next to the door to the Reception entrance.

There is a payphone located opposite Reception and emergency numbers and other useful telephone numbers are displayed in the Reception window.


Public Areas – General (Internal)

The park is serviced by tarmac roadways and there are speed bumps located in areas of the park where traffic is heaviest.

Most areas of the park are flat and level and footpaths are available around the main buildings and to some areas of the park.

Water is usually available for dogs outside of the shop on the park and there are various standpipes located throughout the park.

Dogs must remain on a lead whilst on the park, however staff can direct visitors to an area of parkland nearby to the park where it is suitable to exercise dogs off of the lead.

Public Areas – WC

Individual buildings have their own toilet areas which are described in the relevant section below.

There is one main toilet / shower block on the park, which is located by the touring area approximately 500m from Reception. The main purpose of this block is to service the touring caravans using the park and touring park guests are given a key code to allow access.

Parking for approximately 3 cars is available adjacent to the toilet block.

The block consists of male toilets and showers and female toilets and showers, all of which are accessible at ground level and the floors within are all on one level.

There is also a RADAR toilet and shower within this block which is accessed via a low gradient concrete ramp which has a handrail. If required RADAR keys can be purchased or borrowed from Reception (Subject to a deposit). The RADAR toilet and shower is alarmed should assistance be required. The entrance door is approximately 85cm wide. The RADAR area has a toilet with handrails either side, one of which can be lifted.

There is a low level sink and mirror with handrails either side. The taps at the sink have extended levers on them.

The shower has a wall mounted fold-away seat with 2 x handrails. There is an extra seat available in this room.

Restaurant / Dining Room, Bar & Lounges, Take Away & Café

Entertainment Venue:

There are dedicated disabled parking bays approximately 10 to 15 m from the venue entrance. Standard parking bays are approximately 15 to 20m away.

The main entrance to the Club has either double pull doors and there are also push-button operated automatic double doors available.

The main Ballroom on site is a large open room with plenty of space for wheelchairs and is accessed on a flat level surface via doors up to 1.8m wide.        

All floor-space within this area is on one level and the surface is either wood or carpet.

The furniture is all moveable and is relocated depending on the event taking place, however plenty of space for access is always considered.

The bars and food servery are all approximately 1m high but Staff are quite happy to arrange for drinks to be taken to tables if the purchaser is unable to do so.

The area is an entertainment venue and the lighting varies and there are flashing lights, spot lights and dimmed lighting in use.

Printed Bar tariffs are displayed on the walls and can be read out to customers if required. Tills have a customer display on a stalk, prices are also advised to customers verbally.

The entrance to the venue in general is located a short distance from Reception via a level block-paved footpath which is also level with the floor when entering the venue. There are electric doors that are operated by a button. The Ballroom is located off of the Foyer through doors approximately 1.8m wide on a flat level surface.

There are 2 x unisex toilets specifically designed as wheelchair access toilets a short distance from the Ballroom through the Arcade, the aisles of which are generally over 1m wide. These toilets are accessed on a flat level carpeted surface. A ‘RADAR’ key is required to access these toilets and this is available on loan from the Bar or they can be purchased from Reception.

Doorways to both toilets are 85cm wide and the doors do not have any form of ‘return’ on them to allow easy opening.

One of the toilets also has a baby-changing table located at low level.

Both toilets have an open, tiled floor-space of approximately 5.25m square.

The toilets have a handrail on either side, one of which can be raised.

The sinks and mirrors are located at low level and have a handrail on either side and there is also an electric hand-dryer located at low level as well as a paper towel dispenser.

There is an emergency alarm which can be accessed via a pull-cord should any assistance be required.

The fire alarm is audible and also has a flashing light and there is emergency lighting located in both rooms.

There are two other sets of female and two other sets of male toilets within the venue which are entered via swing doors approximately 80cm wide.

These toilets have a variety of cubicles and urinals and wash basins set at standard heights.

The Family Room, also known as ‘The Bar & Grill’ is also accessed via the Foyer of the main venue and is an open area with moveable furniture on a flat level surface of either carpet or wood.

The Bar is approximately 1m high but staff can assist with drinks or food. Food can also be purchased from this Bar and this is delivered by ‘Waiting-on Staff’ to the purchasers table.

This area is also used as an entertainment venue and does have lighting of various types including flashing lighting.

The toilets are as described above.

From the Family Room (Bar & Grill) there is also access to an outside ‘Smoking Area’ access is flat and level through sliding doors approximately 2m wide. This area has a shelter with heating and lighting under it as well as outdoor tables and chairs some planted areas. This outdoor area is approximately 120m square.

The Amusement Arcade is also located within the venue. The Arcade is accessed by double doors approximately 1.5m wide on a flat level, carpeted surface. The toilets described above are located within this area.

Different types of amusement and gaming machines emitting sound, light and noise are located in this area.

The general overhead lighting stays at one level and is quite bright.

Also located within the venue but accessed via an alternative entrance is the ‘Old Town Tavern Bar’. This Bar is only open at certain times of the year and is accessed via a paving slab footpath up a small ramp through double doors.

The floor surface is carpeted and is flat and level.

The Bar is approximately 1m high and staff will serve drinks to a table if necessary. The Bar has moveable furniture.

The toilets in this area are adjoining the room and contain a standard cubicle with toilet bowl and urinals in the male toilet.

If required, access to the disabled toilets in the other part of the venue can be arranged.

Fish & Chip Shop

The Fish & Chip shop is part of the main complex building but has its own access doors. These are double opening doors approximately 1.7m wide.

The room itself is approximately 40m square and is generally clear although occasionally there may be some ‘outdoor style’ furniture located in one corner of the room.

The serving counter is approximately 90cm high.

If the main room is closed there is also a ‘hatch style’ servey which is approximately 85cm high.

Menus & prices are printed in large lettering behind the counter and smaller copies are also available. These can be read out if required


Located approximately 20m from Reception via a flat level block-paved footpath. Car parking is usually available on the roadside adjacent to this facility approximately 3m from the entrance.

The entrance is at the same level as the footpath with a doorway of approximately 90cm wide.

There is ‘fold-up’ seating within the launderette and the floor-space is approximately 12m square.

There are 4 coin operated washing machines (Front loading) at approximately 50cm above ground level with 4 coin operated dryers (front loading) on top of the washing machines at approximately 1.5m above the floor level.

There is a coin fed electric iron with a fold-away ironing board attached to the wall at approximately 90cm high.

There is a folding counter approximately 80cm high.

There is also a coin fed washing powder dispenser approximately 1.2m high.

All signage is in large print on the wall and instructions for use also have diagrams.

Assistance with the machines is available between 9am and 5pm daily and the Launderette is open from 8am to 9pm daily. There is bright uniform lighting within this area.      



Located approximately 30m from Reception via a flat level block-paved footpath. The kerb outside the shop has been lowered should wheelchair access from the road be required.

Parking is usually available adjacent to the shop approximately 3m from the entrance.

The shop entrance is at ground level and the two entrance doors are approximately 1m wide and aisles throughout the shop are no less than 1m wide.

The counter for the till is generally 90cm high but has sections reduced to 70cm high.

Shelving in the shop varies from 15cm to 1.5m high but staff are always available to assist when the shop is open.

Leisure Facilities

The leisure centre incorporates a gymnasium (Fresh Fitness) which is a ‘Members Only’ facility, a heated indoor swimming pool (25m x 10m) available to members, caravan owners and any holidaymakers, sun-beds, sauna and spa bath as well as male and female changing & shower facilities plus a family / disabled changing area.

The leisure centre is open Monday to Friday 7am to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday 8am to 7pm (times may vary).

There are 4 disabled parking bays within 10 to 15m of the centre entrance.

Access to the leisure centre is via a gentle ramp which has handrails either side.

The entrance door is electrically operated and opens automatically. This opens to approximately 1.8m wide.

The leisure centre floor is flat and level throughout and is a combination of carpet and linoleum.

The Reception counter is 1m high but does have a lowered section which is 74cm high. There is a hearing induction loop fitted at the Reception desk.

Doors from Reception to either the Gym or Pool area are 1.5m wide.

The Family / Disabled changing area has a flat level entrance and the door is 92cm wide without any ‘door stay’ and the door handle has levers.

This area has a low level baby changing unit, a toilet with handrails either side, one of which can be raised.

The sink unit and mirror is low level and has handrails either side.

There is a shower which has a wall mounted folding seat and handrails either side of the seat.

This area also has an alarm cord if assistance is required.

The other changing rooms (Male & Female) have toilet cubicles (as well as urinals in the mens), changing cubicles and showers. The floor is all on one level although there is a lip into the shower area.

Aisles in the leisure centre are not less than 1m wide and most have handrails.

There is dedicated artificial limb locker which has written signage and braille signage.

Access to the pool is all on one level and there are some doors required to access the pool hall which are approximately 1.8m wide.

On the poolside there is a disabled chair hoist to assist those that require help entering the pool. There is also a stairway with handrail which can be accessed in a forward direction as well as the standard ladder entry.

The spa bath requires reasonable mobility and there is a step up and then 3-4 steps down (No 8 years or under allowed in this facility).

The sauna is on pool side and entry is flat and level (No 8 years or under allowed in this facility).

There is a sun bed but this is the type where you ‘stand-up’ – this facility is for 18 years and over only.


Outdoor Facilities

An outdoor play area is provided including an all weather ball-court and various pieces of play equipment, most of which require a good degree of mobility. One section of the play area is reserved for the use of under 8 year old only.

Most of the equipment is located on grass but some does have ‘play-safe’ surfacing.

The ball-court is tarmac.


Caravan Holiday Homes

Wheelchair friendly caravans

We have 4 x caravans that have been adapted specifically for wheelchair use: 

2 x GOLD plus GRADE – (1 x 2019 WILLERBY RICHMOND 35’x12’ 2 Bedrooms & 1 x 2018 WILLERBY RICHMOND 37’x12’ 2 Bedrooms)

One unit is located opposite the Clubhouse (50m), near to the main Car Park and has its own dedicated parking bay approximately 10m from the caravan. The other is located approximately 180m form the Entertainment Complex. A reserved ‘Hard-standing’ parking space is located opposite the caravan, approximately 5m from the caravan. Access to these caravans is via a ramp designed for wheelchair use, the ramps also have a decking area and outdoor furniture. These grades of caravan have central heating and double glazing.

They sleep up to 6 people in 2 x twin bedrooms and there is a pull-out bed in the lounge. Exterior doors are wide access and low threshold.

The lounge areas have either gas or electric fires and there is gas central heating throughout the other rooms.    

Low level sink, cooker and microwave in wide access kitchen.

Full wet room with one piece fiberglass floor tray. Includes fold-out seat, support handles and shower curtain as well as a raised toilet with handrails.

Sliding bedroom and wet room doors.

Portable helper frame (designed to assist with maneuvering into the seated position). Wide single beds.

SILVER Grade2015 WILLERBY RIO GOLD 35’x12’ 2 Bedrooms

This unit is located opposite main Reception near the entrance of the park and is on the roadside approximately 100m from the main Entertainment Complex. There is ‘hard-standing’ parking next to the caravan and access to the caravan is via a ramp designed for wheelchair use. Part of the ramp is also an area to sit out on. This grade of caravan has central heating and double glazing.

The caravan sleeps up to 6 people in 2 x twin bedrooms and there is a pull-out bed in the lounge. Exterior doors are wide access and low threshold.

The lounge has an electric fire and there is gas central heating throughout the other rooms.

There is a low level sink and cooker in a wide access kitchen.

Full wet room with one piece fiberglass floor tray. Includes fold-out seat, support handles and shower curtain.

Sliding bedroom and wet room doors. Portable helper frame (designed to assist with maneuvering into seated position). Wide single beds.      


BRONZE SAVER Grade – 2011 ABI Prestige 36’x12’ 2 Bedrooms

This unit is located near to the roadside and is approximately 130m from the main entertainment complex. There is ‘hard-standing parking adjacent to the caravan and this area will accommodate a large family vehicle.

The caravan sleeps up to 6 in 1 x double plus 1 x twin bedroom and there is a pull-out bed in the lounge which is a small double bed.

The lounge area has a gas fire and the bedrooms have electric heat panels plus there is a heated towel rail in the shower room.

There is an access ramp to the caravan door.

The door to the caravan has been widened to accommodate a standard size wheelchair.

There is space at the dining table to accommodate a standard size wheelchair.

The kitchen sink has been lowered and a standard size wheelchair can be wheeled right up to this unit.

Light switches throughout the van have been lowered.

Plug sockets in most areas have been raised.

The hallway is wide enough to accommodate a standard size wheelchair.

There are sliding doors to the bedrooms and the shower room / toilet.

The shower room has handrails by the sink, toilet and shower cubicle. There is a seat in the shower cubicle and wheelchairs can be wheeled right up to the shower cubicle but only smaller chairs will fit in the actual cubicle. Most other wheelchairs cannot be wheeled into the cubicle.

There is extra space by the bed in the main bedroom to accommodate a standard size wheelchair and there is a 24 hour emergency call button at the side of the bed.

NOTE: The needs of guests using the Wheelchair friendly units does differ dramatically and we would recommend that you are certain that these units will be adequate for your needs before making a booking. These units are not suitable for wheelchair users to be left on their own.                              


Standard Caravan Holiday Homes

Our other standard Caravan Holiday Homes do vary in layout but are either 2 or 3 bedrooms sleeping a maximum of 6 people.

They usually contain bedrooms, toilet / shower room, kitchen, dining area and lounge.

Gold plus, Gold & Silver caravans are centrally heated and double glazed, other grades have a gas fire in the lounge and electric panel heaters in bedrooms.    

A limited number of units accept dogs.

Most homes have 2 to 3 steps up to the door with a handrail. Gold plus caravans are provided with verandas which usually have 2 or 3 steps leading up to the veranda.

The doors are usually approximately 70cm wide and hallways are approximately 1m wide.

Some homes have tarmac parking adjacent to the caravan whilst others are sited on grass. If on grass, parking adjacent to the caravan is only available should ground conditions allow. Otherwise the nearest roadway or car park should be used. Distances will vary.

Those caravans with tarmac parking are approximately 2m from the caravan entrance.

All company owned units are equipped with a burglar alarm which can be used as an emergency call alarm if required.

These caravan are not suitable for wheelchair use or for those with very limited mobility.


Touring Facilities.

The touring area is located at the top end of the park approximately 500m from Reception.

The touring area is all grass with hardcore tracks to access plots and the area is flat and level.

Parking for one vehicle is allowed at the side of the pitch, extra parking is available in the main car park approximately 500m for the touring area.

The shower block is located across the road (Approx 10m) from the touring area. Please ask for plots near to the shower block if this is a requirement and these will be reserved for stays of 2 nights or more, subject to availability. This changes to 3 days during school holidays. Access to the main shower block is by ‘key code’ which is provided to touring park guests on arrival.

The main shower block has 1 x male & 1 x female toilet and shower area.

These are flat and level throughout and contain shower cubicles, toilet cubicles and sinks. The Gents also have urinals and the ladies have a ‘make-up’ area.

There is a RADAR toilet / shower facility in this block as described in ‘Public Area WC’ shown above.

There are various water points located within easy reach of the touring area.

The sinks in the food preparation area are easy to access and are 89cm high. There is also an indoor area with sinks for poor weather, there is a step up to this room.

There is a chemical disposal point, the disposal unit is 50cm high. There is also a ‘drive-on’ chemical disposal point for ‘Motorhomes’.

There are several waste disposal points within easy reach of the touring area.

The touring area is well lit and electric boxes are sited at low level.

As this area is predominately grass it can become slippery in extreme weather.


Grounds and Gardens.

The park is generally flat and level.

Mostly grass but some areas with trees and hedgerows.

Roadways are tarmac.

Pathways are either tarmac or gravel.


Additional Information.

There is a Chiropodist and Alternative Therapy clinic on the park, however this is an independent operation and for any detail required please call:

BODY & SOLE on 01754 765700.

There is also a Hairdressers on the park, this is also an independent operation for details please call:

THE HAIR CABIN on 01754 229364 / 07411047757.

We have a Wi-Fi hotspot located within the Entertainment Complex, this building is usually available from 9am to 11pm and there is no charge for this service.

WiFi is also available to the caravans and touring plots but this service is chargeable. Your device will pick-up this service and details of prices are available on-line.

Mobile coverage is usually good, depending on your provider, and there is a payphone opposite Reception as well as a further one located at the entrance to the park.

The local area is generally quite flat and access to town, either by vehicle or on foot is good.


Contact Information

W.J. Cook & Sons Ltd, 

Trading as: The Richmond Holiday Centre,

Richmond Drive,



PE25 3TQ.

Tel: 01754 762097

Fax: 01754 765631



Hours of operation: 9am to 5pm – Warden available out of office hours

Emergency contact: There is a button at the side of Reception door that can be used to page the Warden in the event of an emergency between Midnight & 8am. 


Other Numbers

Local Carers: DIAL UK 01302 310123

Local Equipment Hire Companies: Seacroft Mobility 01754 762916

Local Public Transport: Translinc (Buses) 01754 762218

National Rail Enquiries: 0871 200 40 50

Local Accessible Taxi: Ricks Taxi 01754 764422 Omega Taxi 01754 764642

Police: 101 (Non Emergency Number)

Doctors Surgery: 01754 897000

Skegness Hospital: 01754 762401

Dental Surgery: 01754 761762

Environment Agency: 0800 807060

Floodline: 0845 988 1188

Childline: 0800 1111

NSPCC Child Protection Helpline: 0808 800 4994

RSPCA Animal Welfare: 0870 55 55 999

Alcoholics Anonymous: 08457 697 555

Narcotics Anonymous: 0845 373 3366

Gamcare: 0845 6000 133

Mindinfoline (Mental Health Info): 0845 766 0163


Future Plans

We are constantly reviewing and upgrading our facilities, if you have any suggestions for these on-going improvements please let us know as we welcome your feedback and we will record these for future consideration.

Tel: 01754 762097



UPDATED FEBRUARY 2021. All of the information included in this document was correct at the time of printing. This document is regularly reviewed and updated as required.

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